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Spa for Today's Men

Spa for Today’s Men

Haircut $1,200.00
Shave $950.00
Ingrown Extraction $1,500.00 up
Sports Massage $12,500.00 up
Gentleman’s Facial $9,500.00 up
Manicure $1,800.00 up
Pedicure $2,750.00 up


Packages for Today’s Men

Adam’s Retreat- Time 1hr 45 mins
Price $9,800.00

Classic Manicure
Mini Facial

Gentleman’s Way - Time 2 hrs. 15 mins
Price $13,000.00

Trim and Shave
Ingrown Extraction
Mini Facial
Stress Buster Massage
Classic Manicure

King for a Day - Time 2 hrs. 30 mins.
Price $19,500.00

Trim and Shave
Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Mini Facial
Upper Body Massage

Adam’s Retreat # 2 - Time 3 hrs.
Price $28,500.00

Gentleman’s Facial
Deep Tissue Massage
Rainforest Body Scrub
Trim and Shave

Rebirth - Time 3 hrs. 30 mins
Price 24,500.00

Paraffin Manicure
Paraffin Pedicure
Deep Tissue Massage
Eden’s Facial
Haircut & Shave


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