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Directors Message

Achieving the milestone of the Fifth Anniversary of Adam & Eve Spa and Salon is truly an occasion to celebrate. However, my personal joy is restrained by humility, as I am fully aware that God has chosen to bless this business for a sobering reason - as a channel of blessing for its stakeholders: the owners, clients, staff and the community. As the business leader, I am required to be a good steward and I take this role very seriously, having led from the front since the inception of the business.

The past few years have been stressful l for all of us. While we've been maintaining a position of tentative optimism for the past year or so, lately we've been truly encouraged. Having started Adam & Eve from scratch, as the business partners, my husband Garth and I hold dearly to the fact that we were not endowed with an inheritance but rather with the virtues of courage and an industry on which to build a beneficent legacy. It was a dream that became reality and has grown to where it is today.

The spa and salon business are not the easiest to operate. Hard work must be put in to build and retain the clientele, be trend-setters and earn the trust and the loyalty of the customer and staff. At the start of everyday, you have to be prepared to work harder.

We first have to give thanks to God and remind ourselves to do good for others as a way to express gratitude for our own life's gifts. We always have to regroup and think about being productive for the future. We all got some great stories, which can help shake things up and get ourselves and our team thinking of ways to boost business.

  • From those executives who are top decision makers.
  • To the moms and dads who have spent the summers, keeping busy with their kids.
  • To the friends so busy that we're only able to give a quick wave of hello, before having to go about their errands.
  • To the Grandpa's, Grandma's and guardians, so accommodating of their time.

For all those reasons and more, I'm proud to introduce Adam and Eve Day Spa-a haven of relaxation. We all have an important role to play, but at times forget to take care of ourselves, so, for those looking for a relaxing respite; no need to look any further.

I know you will, like me, breathe a sigh of relief as you select from our wide selection spa menu. What better time than now to take advantage of a spa day, refresh a hair do, keep up with beauty trends or just drain all the stress and reenergize with a soothing massage and recover.

There is no I in team, we accept we have faults but not delve on them and always trying ways to recover confidence by obtaining positive growths and achievements to better ourselves and inevitably those around us.

We welcome you to Relax, Recover, Rejuvenate, Reenergize, Respite, Refresh at Adam and Eve Day Spa.

Thank you all for supporting us.

I pray God will continue to bless you richly.

Garth & Kimisha Walker

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